Easily protect birth, marriage, and death certificates with confidence

It is your job to keep constituents protected, including their identities. Countermeasures must be put in place to prevent document fraud, a growing epidemic. Let us help ease that burden so you can print certificates with confidence.

This solution, available only to government entities, is simple yet highly effective. You can lock down the printer, the printer trays, and prevent tampering of printed data.

"We've deployed a new security solution with two points of protection for our citizens, a physical layer on the printer to protect the actual security stock from theft and a covert layer on the printed document to prevent alteration of the data."

- Ohio County Clerk, Mike Kelly.

Protect the Security Stock. Protect the Printed Data

TROY Locking Printers + The World's Most Fraud Resistant Toner


1. Printer Key Lock

Prevent unauthorized printing with a key lock that disables print functionality. When locked, the printer stays powered on but cannot print documents until unlocked.

2. Locking Printer Trays

Lock down resources to prevent theft of valuable certificate stock. Includes steel tray shielding so paper cannot be removed from the rear of the printer.

3. Fraud Defense Toner

Prevent document alteration with a covert security agent that releases a red dye if chemical alteration is attempted, voiding the document.

4. Personalized Watermarks

Add additional security by layering constituent data into the background of the document, making alteration more difficult.

Complete the Solution and Streamline Your Workflow


Digital Signatures & State Seals

Increase security by adding your state steal and signatures at the point of issue. Digital seals and signatures are only available to authorized staff.


Security Stock

The vital records solution works with your existing security stock, or we can provide unique designs to meet your regulations and compliance.

Maintenance & Service Agreement Protection for your Printer

When it comes to printing vital certificates, on-site service will give you peace of mind knowing a certified technician will be at your door if you experience any printer breakdowns. Avoid printing delays and keep your machine running at top performance, plus we'll replace your printer in the event an cannot be fixed.


We have been securing government documents since 1963. In 1975, we worked with the United States government to design the current government check which printed payroll, retirement, and other benefit checks for the US Treasure, Army, Navy and Air Force. It is our mission to continue working with federal, state, and local county government to increase security of printed documents and protect constituents' data before it can be compromised.

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