Printer Features

Security features are what make our printers unique and perfect for check printing. We have 3 security levels of MICR Printers to ensure you get the features you want, while only paying for the features you need.

Features Exclusive to Secure Ex Printer Models

Highest level of protection includes all the features listed on this page.

Automatically prints "void" if job is diverted to a non-TROY printer

Allows the printer's secure resources to be physically locked, protecting companies from fraud by refusing unauthorized access to resources

Intelligent anti-tampering technology that provides a repetitive watermark of variable check data across the background of the check (i.e. payee and amount)

Features Exclusive to Secure Printer Models

Mid-level security includes the features included with TROY LaserJet MICR Printers plus the ones listed below.

Easily keep track of each secure check that has been printed

Ensure protection of sensitive print data traffic over network

Overrides unauthorized tray calls; assuring special paper can only be accessed as needed for printing

Restrict both MICR and non-MICR print jobs

Restricts access to printer-resident signatures and logos by locking them behind a password

Collect user customizable check data and print audit reports - all at the printer

Features Included with TROY LaserJet MICR Printers

Lowest-level of security includes the features below. Even at this level you get the most robust security on the MICR market.

Allows precise positioning of both the MICR line or the entire check image

Each user has their own unique password rather than sharing between multiple users. This prevents unauthorized check pricing.

Prevent duplicate checks when paper jams occur.

Maintains consistent quality and signal strength

Detects presence of MICR toner and prevents printing of MICR or other specified features.

Ensures highest printing quality by stopping the printer until the user replaces the cartridge

End user ability to conveniently store signatures and logos in the printer

U.P.C. A&E, EAN 13&8, Interleaved 2 of 4, Code 39, Code 128, Postnet - Enables complete printing of a document in a single pass

Font appears as a fine line to the unaided eye and is visible under magnification

Prevents unauthorized access to MICR resources

Swap TROY or HP OEM toner cartridges for check and standard printing

Controls access to MICR settings, user settings, audit reports, decryption, and other secure resources

E-13B, CMC-7, OCR A and B Convenience and Security Fonts are designed to be printer specific rather than "one size fits all"

World's Most Fraud Resistant MICR TonerTM with patented fraud defense technology that forces a bright red stain to appear, preventing check alteration.

Ensures high quality MICR output by allowing users to verify correct installation of MICR fonts and support files

Safeguards valuable check stock, certificate stock, or other expensive papers. *Optional on MICR & Secure models.