What is SecureDocs?

SecureDocs delivers a total protective solution to prevent forgery, falsification and alteration of high security documents. Unique features make it easy to add smart, overt, covert, and personalized fraud protection to each printed document increasing trust in brands by vendors, customers, and enforcement officials.

This next generation, document security software utilizes layered, protective features in four key areas- personalization, covert inks, digital, and anti-copy. For a full listing of features download our SecureDocs Datasheet.

Why Smart, Layered Security?

Because it deters fraud. By combining overt and covert layered document security, with digital tagging and intelligent serialization, SecureDocs delivers the most comprehensive protection for your documents available in today’s market.

Document fraud is the engine of organized crime, enabling drug trafficking, migrant smuggling, money laundering, and trafficking of human beings, just to name a few. From one fraudulent document, for example a birth certificate, terrorists can create legitimate passports enabling travel; they can create fake identities, or steal identities from innocent people. You know better than anyone why a fraudster would want to forge your high security document; imagine the damage which could result. Visit our FAQ page for even more detail on our document security software.

Who Might Benefit from this Technology?

Any organization with documents which are at risk for fraud. From a birth certificate, to a diploma, or even a certificate of conformity, secure data means less fraud and more compliance. When augmented with digital authentication, smart serialization, and covert features, printed information becomes tamper-resistant and difficult to replicate even by the most sophisticated fraudsters. Unique features make it easy to add smart, overt, covert and personalized fraud protection to each printed document increasing trust in brands by vendors, customers and enforcement officials.

Secure More. Stress Less.

Next Generation Smart, High Security Printed Document

Dynamically embed variable data, including text and images, into security elements.

Personalized Security


Create tamper proof documents by utilizing a unique watermark of static or variable
data, printed diagonally across the document overtly with Black Fluorescing UV ink or covertly with TROY SecureUV ink.

Variable MicroPrint

Variable MicroPrinting provides a secondary means to verify a document's authenticity
by injecting variable data into traditional Microprint lines.

Covert Security

SecureUV Inks

Add additional layers of anti-copy and fraud protection by printing with TROY SecureUV inks. These inks are invisible to the naked eye, only fluorescing under a UV verification light.

UV Ghost Image/Watermark

Variable Microprinting provides a secondary means to verify a document's authenticity
by injecting variable data into traditional MicroPrint lines. 

UV Text

Using SecureUV inks with existing security elements, such as TROYMark, adds additional layers of security for copy prevention.

Digital Security


Enable digital verification with a smartphone to quickly confirm the authenticity of a document. 


PrintTrace smart serialization tagging allows for audit trail tracking and traceability.

Anti-Copy Security


Used to prevent unauthorized copying by presenting a security message such as Void or Copy after being photocopied or scanned.


Requires magnification to read and will become illegible after photocopying.

Next Generation Smart, High Security Printed Document
Visual Design is Easy

Authenticate Documents on the Go with SecureMark

SecureMark's proprietary, high density QR code is encrypted, via a hashed algorithm, which prevents unauthorized users from scanning the code and makes counterfeiting impossible.

Smart Match for Multiple Templates and Multi-Page Documents

Issuance of multiple types of high security documents is easily supported with a seamless workflow based on the indicia points with IndiciaMatch technology. SecureDocs automatically identifies the specific forms or documents in the print queue based on key attributes applying the corresponding security profile. Documents which do not need security are automatically ignored and pass through without security.

Visual Design is Easy (and dare we say fun!)

Easily create your own precise layout and layered document security elements with SecureDocs’ Visual Designer. The WYSIWYG interface enables users to easily create and manage multiple security templates all within our document security software.


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