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Simple, Powerful Document Security

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Tamper-Resistant document solution

Prevent forgery, falsification, and alteration of your sensitive documents. Increase trust in your printed documents for vendors, customers, or enforcement officials.

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Tamper resistant document solutions

Advanced security features help prevent fraud.

Secure documents need multiple layers of security elements. SecureDocs Sentry enables easy
template creation that automatically applies industry leading security to your most sensitive documents.

Advanced security features

1. TROYMark

Print static or dynamically captured data across the document to prevent sensitive data modification.

2. Serialization

Serialize all of your documents for audit and tracking purposes.

3. Ghost Image (UV)

Static or dynamic images that fluoresce under verification, TROY UV Printer and inks or toners are required.

4. MicroPrint

Variable microprinting provides data integrity verification and indicates a copy under simple magnification.

5. SecureMark

Authenticate documents with a QR code revealing a security key when scanned with the SecureDocs app.

6. Warning Box

Outline the document’s security features to make checking authenticity quick and easy while deterring fraud.

7. Security Background

Add copy evident secure backgrounds that help prevent unauthorized copying.

Easily Add Layered Security to any Document.

Examples of High Value Documents at Risk for Fraud:

Licenses and

Travel and Identity

Breeder Documents

Academic Transcripts
and Diplomas



Declination Letter

Insurance Claims

Credit Statement


Certified Mail

Financial Statements

Mortgage Statements

Tax Documents

Test Results

Clearance Reports

TROY UV Printers and
TROY Security Inks & Toners

HP OEM Printers & Toners enhanced for Security Printing

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TROY UV Printer

TROY UV Printers

As an HP Partner, we are the only manufacturer authorized to enhance HP printers - the world’s most secure printers ­­­­- for document security. Including printer and tray locks, along with embedded endpoint protection and security inks & toners, TROY Printers give organizations the ability to add layered security to high value printed documents at risk for fraud.

TROY UV Printer

TROY Security Inks & Toners

Patented Security Inks and Toners add a hidden layer of security to your high value documents. Make authentication easy and counterfeiting difficult by adding overt and covert layers of security that fluoresces blue with the correct UV verification light.

Combining Hardware, Software and Security Inks & Toners
Creates an End-to-End Document Security Solution.

SecureDocs Sentry utilizes TROY UV Printers and Security Inks & Toners developed
by TROY to create a complete fraud-resistant solution to secure any document.

End-to-End Document Security Solution

Security Designer
TROY UV Printer plus
Security Inks & Toners
Track & Trace

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