Secure Check Printing Solutions for Retailers.

The convenience your retail store offers its loyal customers is why the average individual takes advantage of the check printing services you offer. Alongside convenience, the average customer expects that your outlet can personalize checks and integrate security features to prevent fraud. TROY offers you a wide range of secure check printing solutions – MICR printers, MICR Toners, check stock, and check printing software – to meet your customer’s immediate requirements.

Provide Personalized and Secure Checks.

What are the value-added advantages you advertise to sell your check printing services? Do they include enhanced fraud-resistant technology, reduced purchasing costs, personalization, or round-the-clock availability? TROY solutions are designed to ensure your checks can back these advertised claims and reduce your check printing costs. These solutions include:

  • TROY MICR Printers – To enable unlimited printing of secure checks.
  • MICR Toner SecureTM – Backed by anti-tamper security features to reduce manipulation.
  • AssurePay – Provides customization features to add personalized designs to checks.
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Enhance Your On-demand Check Printing Services.

Your customer wants their checks printed today and printed now! No one is interested in waiting for ages to receive printed checks. For the average customer the faster the better captures their attitude when seeking check printing services. Using AssurePay Cloud, helps your retail outlet streamline its on-demand check printing workflows through:

  • Automation – To automate importing, printing, archiving, and reporting activities.
  • One Pass Check Production – Turns printing activities from creation and approval to printing into one seamless process.
  • Scale Printing Capacity – To meet increased demand at need.
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Monitor Your Check Printing Process.

Environments that print high volumes of checks within short durations are susceptible to human error caused by handling repetitive tasks. Your retail outlet is most likely a high-volume check printing environment, and implementing an active monitoring framework can help reduce errors and internal fraud. TROY IntegriCheckTM is designed to enable you to conduct integrity checks through:

  • Built-in Camera Systems – To actively monitor the check printing process.
  • Traceability – To monitor the footprint and activities of your check printers.
  • Data Recognition – To audit trails and to discover corrupt documents.
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Automate Payments with TROY FlexPay.

Managing multiple accounts to sending out hundreds of checks to fulfil your financial obligations to vendors are labor-intensive activities that are prone to human error. TROY FlexPay provides retailers with a secure platform to digitally automate your payment workflows. You can reduce fraud, and eliminate errors using:

  • A secure, unified payment platform
  • Four secure payment methods – digital checks, ACH payment processing, print-your-own checks, and a check fulfilment service.
  • AP automation to manage your financial transactions.
  • Third-party integration with QuickBooks.
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We Provide Secure, Cost-Saving Check and Document Printing Solutions for Your Business.

With approximately 60 years of experience – and a 30-year partnership with HP – we have built a stellar reputation for developing award-winning solutions. Here are five reasons why TROY must be your preferred partner.

  • 1. TROY MICR Toners meet ANSI/ABA/CPA standards for check printing.
  • 2. TROY MICR printers are approved by the relevant industry bodies across the world – C&CCC, NSCC, DTC etc.
  • 3. TROY MICR solutions are lab-tested and have a less than 0.2% rejection rate.
  • 4. TROY MICR Toner is the world’s most fraud-resistant MICR toner.
  • 5. Our after-sales services and technical support are second to none.

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We have been providing secure government solutions since 1963. TROY designed the current government "liberty check" and serves local, state, and federal agencies across the US and around the world.


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