Transforming Industries
with Advanced Inkjet Technology

Our advanced inkjet solutions are at the forefront of industrial printing innovation, delivering unparalleled precision and versatility across a diverse range of applications. Tailored to meet the exacting demands of OEMs, our inks enable seamless integration with a variety of surfaces and materials. From metal to glass and plastics, our technology ensures consistent, high-quality outcomes, driving efficiency and creativity in industrial processes.

Decades of Pioneering Ink Innovations

Leveraging over 60 years of expertise in the toner and ink business, TROY has evolved from its roots in creating MICR Toner and the innovative MICR Toner Secure, which uniquely bleeds red upon tampering, to pioneering developments in MICR Inks suited for desktop applications. This progression enabled us to extend our innovation to security inks and subsequently to versatile inks applicable in various industrial settings. Today, driven by our rich legacy and the trust instilled by industry experts, we are steering our focus towards revolutionizing the Industrial Ink space, showcasing our commitment to advancing printing technologies that meet and exceed the dynamic needs of modern industries.

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Elevating Durability and Versatility in Printing

Our standard process color ink sets a new benchmark for performance, offering unparalleled durability and color fidelity across a broad spectrum of industrial printing applications. It revolutionizes how colors are rendered and preserved, even in the most demanding environments.

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