With ConnectRight® Mailer software, you can easily ensure your mail gets delivered to the right addresses. Plus, you won't have to stress over dealing with all the necessary USPS reports. The best part? It even helps you save on postage costs while sending out your mailings. 


ConnectRight® Mailer Benefits

Certified for success with USPS CASS™ and PAVE™, including DPV®, LACSLInk®, and SuiteLink®. Enhance mailings with advanced mail suppression, matching against DMA do-not-mail database and more. Simplify mailing with Hot Folder feature in ConnectRight® Mailer for effortless automation. Gain insights with TrackMyMail™ reports for optimizing direct mailing strategies.

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Always get it right

Ensure accurate addresses by validating and standardizing formats, fixing any spelling errors, and adding missing postal details and IMb (Intelligent Mail) barcodes.


Real-time move updates

Stay connected with real-time address updates through the comprehensive 48-month NCOALink® change of address database. This proactive approach ensures you can connect with prospects or customers without missing a beat, even when they've moved. 


Process mailings with a single click

Make setting up recurring mail tasks easy by creating and saving job preferences, like list format import/export templates, suppression files, and mailing tasks. This includes processes like CASS, PAVE, checking for duplicates, and updating addresses. 


Generate documentation with ease

Create all the necessary USPS® paperwork effortlessly, and smoothly submit electronic documentation using Mail.dat™ database. 

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