With long lists of clients, lawyers and attorneys need seamless solutions for secure payments, document confidentiality, and simplified mailing to ensure every case runs smoothly.


Secure software solutions

Law firms must prioritize security to protect sensitive client records and financial transactions. Ensure your law firm is a fortress of trust and professionalism by choosing TROY’s suite of security solutions. Protect sensitive client records with top-tier security and safeguard electronic and check payments from fraud and data breaches.

Invest in robust security solutions to uphold legal standards, maintain client trust, and secure your firm's financial stability. Take action today to secure your law firm's future.


Streamline, centralize, and automate accounts payable with TROY FlexPay

Making timely payments to vendors and spare parts suppliers builds trust and extends a line of credit your dealership can tap from. TROY FlexPay provides you with a secure platform to organize your payment structure and automate the check printing process with ease. A centralized platform that unites digital payments, check payments, check fulfillment services, and many other benefits.


Start printing secure checks

Equip your law firm with everything needed to start printing checks in-house. Blank check stock, MICR printers, and our patented MICR Toner Secure™ create the most comprehensive defense against check fraud in the market.  

MICR Toner Secure- Solutions card NB

MICR Toner Secure™

Print checks with ABA-compliant MICR Toner Secure, the only MICR toner on the planet with anti-tamper red dye that activates when chemical alteration is attempted.


Secure MICR Printers

Utilize HP printers enhanced by TROY with secure check printing features like user authorization, try locks, MICR line positioning, etc.


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Blank Check Paper

Eliminate the cost and security risks of pre-printed stock with blank check stock.

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Document security with no limits.

Guarantee all your client information remains authentic and tamper resistant. Use TROY SecureDocs Sentry to layer every document with custom watermarks, 2D barcodes, serialization, and more. It's all possible with TROY's specialized UV printers that allow you to physically print each security feature to documents - right in your office.

Layered Protection

Layer custom security features onto your document and save custom templates for future re-use.

Covert and Overt Security

Print with security both visible and invisible to the naked eye, using TROY UV printers and SecureDocs Sentry.

Secure Any Document

Add security features to virtually any document, such as birth certificates, tax records, test results, and more - whether printed or digital.

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Mailing made easy with Pitney Bowes.

Every year is different, which means new students, new addresses, and more mail. Ensure all your communications are successfully sent to the right addresses without spending hours preparing envelopes, manually printing addresses, and making trips to the post office.

Our suite of Pitney Bowes mailing solutions can turn your mailing tasks into a small part of your day, rather than the whole thing

Relay Folder Inserter machiness sized

Relay® Folder Inserter Machines

Automatically fold and insert upwards of 5000 envelopes an hour for increased productivity, accuracy and cost savings.

SendPro Mailstation Sized

SendPro® Postage Meters

Never pay a cent more than you need to on postage with already IMI-compliant postage meters, complete with modernized digital touchscreens and scales.

AddressRight Printers sized

AddressRight® Printers

Address your mailings at high speeds while ensuring that every piece of mail gets delivered to the right place, every time.

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