In today's fast-paced business environment, safeguarding your sensitive documents and checks is not just an option—it's a necessity. Enter TROY, the game-changer in secure document and check printing solutions. With their innovative TROY FlexPay and cutting-edge on-the-desk printing solutions, TROY is redefining document security.

Document security with no limits.

The risk of forged or altered academic records grows with new technology in the hands of offenders, threatening your institution’s integrity. TROY’s SecureDocs Sentry software allows you to easily protect both printed and digital student records, transcripts, and diplomas with layered security including UV printed watermarks, serialization, custom barcoding, and so much more.

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Versatile Installation

Launch SecureDocs Sentry locally, through the cloud, or with an API.

Printed and Digital Security

Digitally layer security features in SecureDocs Sentry and print them onto physical stock with specialized TROY UV Inks and printers. 

Customizable Security

Create, customize, and save security templates for a wide range of document types.

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Introduce Your Check Printing Software to the 21st Century.

Upgrading from outdated check printing software like Secure 32 or Create-A-Check is more important than ever. Centralize all your company’s financial transactions with AssurePay Check, TROY’s cloud-based check printing software for large and enterprise-level companies. AssurePay Check allows you to upload batches, manage approvals, and securely print bank-ready checks all from one platform. Complicated processes like payroll, accounts payable, and wealth management are now easy.


Check and Document Printing Solutions for Government Entities.

We understand that keeping constituents protected is your number one priority. That’s why we offer secure solutions to help you protect highly valuable documents and checks against fraud and misuse.

Anti-Tamper Vital Records Printing.

Biggest Challenge

As a government entity, you need a solution that is simple to use and prints secure documents such as birth, marriage, or death certificates.

The Solution

Our Vital Records Solution combines Locking Printers with Fraud Defense Toner, creating a fraud resistant solution exclusively for governments. We also offer software as an option that is perfect for developing countries. This software works with our printers and toner to further protect documents through advanced methods such as variable watermarks, and enabling the use of UV inks & toners to create layers of covert security that you can be confident in.

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End-to-end security for both checks and documents.

Security for your checks and documents is multifaceted and starts even before you hit the print button. Add security at each step by printing to blank stock, using anti-tamper toner, and printers equipped with security features to give you peace of mind knowing that your checks and documents will be safe from fraud, theft, and forgery.

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MICR Toner Secure

TROY’s patented toner bleeds red whenever chemical alteration is attempted.

Blank Check Stock

Don’t leave your account information up for grabs on costly pre-printed check stock.


HP printers are enhanced with TROY MICR security that includes tray locks, audit controls, secure firmware, and so much more.

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Locking Paper Trays.

Biggest Challenge

Theft of preprinted and blank stock is a huge challenge within most government offices. The process to protect from this theft needs to be simple and non-disruptive to your workflow.

The Solution

Our locking printers feature locking paper trays with rear steel shielding to prevent theft. These locking trays protect valuable paper stock directly in your printer without interrupting your workflow saving you time while reducing your risk of fraud.

Mailing made easy with Pitney Bowes.

Every year is different, which means new students, new addresses, and more mail. Ensure all your communications are successfully sent to the right addresses without spending hours preparing envelopes, manually printing addresses, and making trips to the post office.

Our suite of Pitney Bowes mailing solutions can turn your mailing tasks into a small part of your day, rather than the whole thing

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