Managing your cash flow, payments to third-party suppliers, and issuing original documents are some
everyday transactions your auto dealership provides to its customers and partners.


A fraud-resistant payment system

Although selling cars and providing repair services may be your bread and butter, implementing an optimized payment management system that will secure your entire business from fraud and financial loss is paramount. TROY Group provides you with turnkey solutions to fraud-resistant payment systems.


Streamline, centralize, and automate accounts payable with TROY FlexPay

Making timely payments to vendors and spare parts suppliers builds trust and extends a line of credit your dealership can tap from. TROY FlexPay provides you with a secure platform to organize your payment structure and automate the check printing process with ease. A centralized platform that unites digital payments, check payments, check fulfillment services, and many other benefits.

Secure check and document printing with
our MICR solutions

Adopting MICR printing solutions introduces security to your check and document printing
processes. TROY Group offers your auto dealership anti-tamper MICR toners and MICR
printers to prevent internal and external fraud. Our MICR solutions protect your sensitive
documents, certificates of ownership, checks, and invoices by:


Anti-tamper toner

Utilizing fraud-resistant, anti-tamper toners to eliminate document manipulation and check washing.

Learn about MICR Toner Secure

Layered security

Providing extra layers of security through user authorization, tray locks, and many other features.

See our secure firmware features

Blank Stock

On-demand check printing using blank check stock to eliminate the use of old preprinted stock.

Learn about blank vs preprinted stock

Digitalize Your Check Printing
Processes with AssurePay

Digitalizing your check printing process enables you to centralize all financial transactions from the multiple subsidiaries of your auto dealership on one platform. AssurePay Check is a centralized system built to provide secure printing for payrolls, deposit slips, and accounts payable. AssurePay Check is an end-to-end check printing software that provides your auto dealership with the tools to customize, authorize, and securely print checks, and issue them at need. Other features include:

See the AssurePay software
  • Cloud-based check printing

    Reduce costs, increase efficiency, always stay up-to-date on the latest security.

  • Remote authorization

    A centralized cloud-based platform to enable remote authorization from any location.

  • Eliminate fraud

    Extensive user authorization features to eliminate internal and external fraud.

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