Secure MICR Check Printing Solutions

Total Check Printing Solution

What’s included in a “total check printing solution”exactly? The check printing process is more
complex than appears, and there are many considerations your company will need to keep in
mind while setting up your check printing workflow.

MICR Printers with
Enhanced Security
MICR Toner
Industry Leading
Check Printing Software
Custom Printer
Locking Trays
Secured Digital
Blank Security
Check Stock
Security Features
Built into the Printer
True Type
Security Fonts

The World’s Most Secure MICR Printers.

We Always start with an HP Office Printer, The world’s Most Secure Printers. We then enhance the HP printers
with additional features specifically for check printing. Combining HP’s features, plus TROY’s additional features
creates The World’s Most Secure MICR Printers.

Standard HP Office Printer

  • The World’s Most Secure Printers
    based on the following features.

  • HP Sure Start

    Provide a Secure boot process,
    with the ability to self-heal.

  • Whitelisting

    Firmware is validated
    while printer is booting.

  • Run-time Intrusion Detection

    Printer will automatically halt and reboot
    If any malware is detected.

  • Assurance of Security Policy Settings

    Brings non-compliant devices into compliance
    And helps the admin with appropriate settings.

  • Real-Time Threat Detection

    Keeps data from being exposed while
    it’s in transit between nodes.


Enhanced TROY Printer

  • All of the HP Printer Features with
    15+ TROY MICR Security features added.

  • Toner Sensing

    Detects presence of MICR toner and prevents
    printing of MICR or other specified features.

  • MICR Fonts

    Security fonts designed to be printer specific.
    Included fonts vary based on printer model.

  • MICR Toner Secure

    Fraud resistant MICR toner included
    with every MICR Printer.

  • Paper Tray Locks

    Physical locks protect from fraud by refusing
    unauthorized access to resources.

  • TROY ExPT (Exact Positioning Technology)

    Precise positioning of both the MICR line
    or the entire check image.


The World’s Most Fraud
Resistant MICR Toner. TM

We always start with an original, brand new, HP toner cartridge. We then swap out the standard toner with TROY MICR Toner Secure, which is The World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner. Starting with an original HP cartridge is vital to the security, quality, and reliability that our customers depend on.

Why are we the most secure?
We created an infographic to explain.

Secure, Robust Check Printing Software

When it comes to check software, you need a solution to keep your organization, and your customers, protected from
payment fraud and misuse. With two distinct versions for a dedicated experience, AssurePay is the perfect software solution
to be paired with your MICR Printer & Toner

AssurePay Teller Edition
AssurePay Corporate Edition

Blank Check Paper

It’s time to ditch preprinted check stock. Not only is it expensive and wastes time with chain of custody protocols, it’s one of the most risky components which aids check fraud. TROY blank check stock has built-in security features to prevent copying, alteration and counterfeiting, while complying with financial requirements for check imaging and clearing.