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We develop solutions that address fraud on printed checks and documents across all industries.

We have an extensive offering of Ink & Toner Solutions

Designed to keep your companies security at the forefront, and the fraudsters always on the run.
We have a wide variety of MICR solutions available to you, and we’re the only supplier of HP OEM MICR products.

TROY Locking Printers with Locking Trays & Back-Access Shielding

Paper theft is a serious issue especially if you are printing on preprinted check or security stock, but something every business should consider even for everyday printing. A TROY Locking Printer is a time-saver by reducing chain of custody processes. It’s a money-saver by preventing paper theft which could be costly over time. It’s also a brand-credibility-saver by inhibiting theft of preprinted paper stock which in the wrong hands could be detrimental to an organization’s reputation.

Please Note: These are not MICR printers.

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Why TROY Paper Tray Locks?

Paper tray locks not only prevent unauthorized access to valuable paper stock, they have been designed and custom engineered to fit each specific printer; not a one-size-fits-all approach. This level of precise enhancement makes each lock perfect for that printer. Going a step further, all TROY Locking Printers include tray shielding as a second layer of protection. Rugged sheet metal helps prevent removal by blocking the rear paper access point.

Preventative Measures

When printers are located in open office areas where multiple individuals have access to them, it is important to safeguard paper stock. If not then a patient, customer, or coworker can easily walk away with high value birth certificate stock or preprinted prescription stock. Many colleges and universities will use Locking Printers to protect from paper theft in open computer labs or work spaces. Without proper controls you may never know that you have been a victim of paper theft.

Added Printed Security

If you need to add security to the finished, printed document, TROY has complete anti-fraud solutions. Our Security Toner prints as black text and bleeds red if chemical alteration is attempted. Our SecureUV Ink & Toner provides ultraviolet, covert security to printed documents.