Print Safe. Prevent Fraud. Simplify the Process.

We develop solutions that address fraud on printed checks and documents across all industries.

We have an extensive offering of Ink & Toner Solutions

Designed to keep your companies security at the forefront, and the fraudsters always on the run.
We have a wide variety of MICR solutions available to you, and we’re the only supplier of HP OEM MICR products.

Finishing Equipment & Shredders

Formax is the industry leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of pressure seal, mailing, data destruction and digital print finishing solutions. Superior products and an unparalleled level of service and sales support allow Formax dealers to provide the ideal solution to streamline virtually all of your outgoing and incoming mail, destruction of confidential data and in-plant digital print finishing. TROY is an authorized reseller of Formax products. 

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