Secure Check and Document Printing for Banks and Financial Institutions

We provide banking and financial institutions with turnkey solutions to print and personalize your checks - MICR printers, tamper-resistant MICR toner, blank check stock, and check printing software. These solutions are supported by extensive built-in fraud resistant features to secure and simplify the process of issuing payments both internally and externally.

Print and Protect Financial Documents from Fraud

We understand that printing financial documents - travellers’ check, personal information forms, financial statements, stock certificates etc. - is your job while protecting customers from fraud is your responsibility. To help secure your document printing process, we provide you with anti-tampering security features including:

  • Paper Tray Locks - To eliminate unauthorized access to MICR printers.
  • MICR Toner Secure - Fraud-resistant toner to eliminate tampering.
  • Toner Sensing - To detect MICR toner and prevent printing specified features.

Digitalize and Streamline Your Check Printing Workflow

What’s your check printing workflow? Does it involve traditional processes such as the use of preprinted stock or sending notifications to multiple users until it gets to a designated printer? Traditional check printing processes are inefficient, waste resources, and are chaotic which makes them prone to fraud.

AssurePay Cloud provides you with the digital tools to create, authorize, print, and export checks using its intuitive, fraud-resistant interface. Our cloud-based application integrates security by design, automation, and signatory controls, to prevent check fraud. Streamlining your workflow simplifies the check printing process and provides other benefits, including:

  • On-demand Check Printing - Maximizes your check printing capabilities.
  • Reduces Operational Costs - By eliminating the total overhead cost and material waste.
  • Reducing the Risk of Fraud - Ensures internal traceability and accountability.
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Automate Payments with TROY FlexPay

Managing multiple accounts and sending out hundreds of checks to fulfill your financial obligations to vendors or customers are labor-intensive activities that are prone to human error. TROY FlexPay provides small to medium-sized financial institutions – credit unions, day loan providers, postal saving banks, microfinance enterprises etc. – with a secure platform to digitally automate your payment workflows. You can reduce fraud, and eliminate errors using:

  • A secure, unified payment platform.
  • Four secure payment methods – digital checks, ACH payment processing, print-your-own checks, and a check fulfilment service.
  • AP automation to manage your financial transactions.


We Provide Secure, Cost-Saving Check and Document Printing Solutions for Your Business.

With approximately 60 years of experience – and a 30-year partnership with HP – we have built a stellar reputation for developing award-winning solutions. Here are five reasons why TROY must be your preferred partner.

  • 1. TROY MICR Toners meet ANSI/ABA/CPA standards for check printing.
  • 2. TROY MICR printers are approved by the relevant industry bodies across the world – C&CCC, NSCC, DTC etc.
  • 3. TROY MICR solutions are lab-tested and have a less than 0.2% rejection rate.
  • 4. TROY MICR Toner is the world’s most fraud resistant MICR toner.
  • 5. Our after-sales services and technical support are second to none.

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We have been providing secure government solutions since 1963. TROY designed the current government "liberty check" and serves local, state, and federal agencies across the US and around the world.


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