Are Your Printers Leaving Your Business Vulnerable?

"Printers have a direct line to a business’s network; this is often overlooked leaving you vulnerable to a security breach."
Francis Goossens
TROY Group, Inc., Business Development Manager
Printer Security Preview

Whitepaper Summary

Find out if your printers are leaving your business vulnerable to a data breach. We'll cover risks and vulnerabilities such as remote attacks, hacking tools, and how protocols can be exploited. See a real world example of the damage a data breach could cause to your business. You'll learn the risks behind network hacking and what can really happen when your printers are left unprotected.

Finally you'll learn the vulnerabilities that something as simple as outdated firmware or security could cause. Get the whitepaper to learn the 3 main actions any business can take today to improve print security, we'll cover the actions in detail.