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Streamline, centralize, and automate accounts payable with TROY FlexPay

Making timely payments to vendors and spare parts suppliers builds trust and extends a line of credit your dealership can tap from. TROY FlexPay provides you with a secure platform to organize your payment structure and automate the check printing process with ease. A centralized platform that unites digital payments, check payments, check fulfillment services, and many other benefits.

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TROY can help you find the QuickBooks Online solution for you.

As a leader in the financial space for businesses from large to small, we're trusted by thousands of businesses across hundreds of industries.
As a QuickBooks reseller, TROY’s trusted team of experts guide you to the perfect online solution for your business.

Manage Payments Like a Pro.

TROY’s accounts payable automation for QuickBooks TROY FlexPay puts you in control of your payments. Let your vendors choose how they want to be paid, and have the flexibility to deliver payments using their preferred method. 

See the TROY FlexPay software
  • ACH Payment

    Your payment is processed directly through TROY FlexPay.

  • e-checks

    Send a digital check allowing recipients to choose how they receive the funds.

  • Print Your Own Checks

    Print and mail your own paper checks.

  • Check Fulfillment Service

    TROY prints and mails your secure paper check for you.

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