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When you utilize TROY's ultraviolet (UV) technology, you can combine visible and invisible text and graphics to create a customized, printed document.

TROY SecureUV Technology



SecureUV Technology


secure UVAdd a covert layer of security to each document at the point of issue with TROY’s SecureUV Technology. This unique feature allows for the combination of visible and invisible ultraviolet (UV) elements to create customized and highly secure documents which can be printed on plain paper or added to preprinted forms providing a layer of document authentication and fraud deterrence. Any combination of graphics, text, or barcodes can be used for the creation of these customized, secure documents. TROY offers SecureUV ink, toner, and printers that add high level, covert security to text or graphics and enhance document security to prevent fraud by providing authentication for high value documents. 




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A Software Solution

A software which empowers users to add a full array of security features on each print file before it is routed to the printer, helping to create unique and secure documents. +Learn More

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