Securing Your Paper Stock

Protect your organization from the mishandling of important documents or unauthorized paper removal, as well as paper theft with secure paper trays.

Secure Locking Printer Trays


Securing Your Paper Stock

Storing important documents such as checks, diplomas, and titles in printer paper trays can expose businesses and schools to the mishandling of their valuable documents. Corruption, theft, fraud, and forgery are a potential and costly risk if a valuable document is put into the wrong hands. For schools, even blank paper loss can be costly. On average there is a 16% discrepancy between paper supplies used and print page counters, indicating that paper is being removed from printers before the print process occurs. At this rate a college with 16,000 students could lose upwards of $20,000 a year in computer labs alone.*


Secure paper trays can easily protect valuable documents and paper stock from unauthorized access and removal. Contact with these documents can be limited to select personnel who use a key or have the combination to release the locking tray. Secure paper trays can be used to regulate the chain of custody to protect from accidental interference while handling important documents as well as controlling the amount of potential paper wasted.


*16% is based on a survey of ten (10) four year colleges throughout the United States. $20,000 is based on 16,000 students printing 800 pages per year with a paper cost of $.01 per page.


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