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Combine TROY software, MICR inks and MICR toners, check paper, and MICR printers to create a custom check printing solution.

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Whether a small business, an enterprise corporation, or a financial institution of small or large size, TROY is your one-stop-shop for an in-house check writing solution. TROY has taken MICR technology to a whole new level with innovative MICR toners and inks created in our own lab and tested until they couldn’t fail, and TROY Enhanced HP Printers designed specifically for MICR functionality. When coupled with our Check Printing Software, you can expect consistent and readable MICR characters on every check.

Choose the Whole Solution, or Just What You Need

Today businesses can produce checks by either buying preprinted checks or blank check stock. Preprinted checks can be costly for organizations not printing a large number of checks. TROY’s solution, eliminates the need for preprinted check stock. Blank check stock provides organizations with the opportunity to print the MICR characters at the point of issue, thereby saving money and time on chain of command protocols for check security.

Perhaps you only need a printer, or the check printing software, or maybe just a MICR toner for your existing solution. We know MICR solutions. Call any one of our experts; they’ll delve into your situation and provide a solution that is not only reliable, but cost effective for your business.

TROY is the MICR Leader

The quality of the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (aka MICR) is extremely important to the success of the payment, and in the end the dependability of your brand. When researching a check printing solution, it is important to consider the source. By utilizing TROY’s check printing software, blank check stock, MICR ink or toner, and MICR printers, you can be confident in all payments. Plus, did you know TROY is the only HP Partner in the world authorized by HP to enhance HP printers and consumables for use in secure printing workflows?

Develop your perfect check printing solution by choosing from a combination of:

  • Software
  • MICR Inks and Toners
  • Check Paper
  • TROY MICR Printers



Discover TROY SecureDocs

A Software Solution

A software which empowers users to add a full array of security features on each print file before it is routed to the printer, helping to create unique and secure documents.

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