Workforce 3620

Providing personalized layers of document authentication to secure each document at the point of issue.

Workforce 3620

Workforce 3620

A small desktop unit, providing print speeds up to 15 ppm and a maximum input capacity of 250 sheets the Workforce 3620 is an ink based printer which has been designed to manage lower print volumes. This printer is perfect for organizations who are printing 1,000 to 12,000 pages per month.

Currently available with MICR and SecureUV, this unit has the ability to create a variety of secure documents. When combined with TROY SecureDocs the Workforce 3620 allows organizations of any size to create custom security documents that include features such as TROYMark™ and Copy Evident Pantograph.

*Once set-up as a UV printer it is not recommended to use standard color cartridges.

TROY WF-3620 MICR SecureUV Printer Datasheet

Available Configurations of the Workforce 3620 Printer

TROY Workforce 3620 MICR Printers

The Workforce 3620 MICR Printer has the ability to print specialty fonts including E-13B and CMC-7 characters. This provides organizations with the ability to produce the entire check file at once including logo, customer data, MICR line and signature. This printer provides organizations with the ability to print MICR characters as well as SecureUV, invisible ink that fluoresces under a UV verification light. When combining the ability to print SecureUV with MICR, you can create a check with covert security features that can be easily detected by a first line document inspector.


TROY has developed MICR Ink and SecureUV Ink for the Workforce 3620. TROY’s SecureUV Ink, is an invisible ink that fluoresces under a UV verification light. TROY MICR Ink provides the magnetic characteristics necessary for checks to be read and processed by bank reader sorter machines.

TROY Workforce 3620 SecureUV Printer

The TROY Workforce 3620 SecureUV Printer, ships complete with three SecureUV cartridges that are used in place of the cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges. The SecureUV Cartridges print as an invisible ink that cannot be easily detected by the naked eye. The ink is typically absorbed by the paper making it more difficult to detect than an invisible laser toner. A first line document inspector can easily authenticate a document with a UV verification light. When combined with TROY SecureDocs organizations can create a solution that prints TROYMark™, a copy evident pantograph, and provides PrintTrace capabilities. An ideal solution for organizations who have low print volumes with a need to create a highly customized Security Document.

*It is not recommended that customers switch between standard and UV cartridges as it will be difficult to detect presence of non-UV ink.



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