PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer

Ideal for high volume business, this printer features enterprise-level functionality, single-pass color printing, and SecureUV technology.

PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer

PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer

This inkjet UV printer offers personalized, on-demand security for in-house printing. With 75 pages per minute print capability, the TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer adds unique layers of document authentication, copy detection, and fraud deterrence in an efficient, cost effective manner. Created to meet high volume business needs, the 556 SecureUV performance is comparable to the output and longevity of laser printers, supporting input of 2,050 sheets and output volumes of 2,000 to 7,500 pages per month. With TROY’s ultraviolet (UV) technology and single-pass, partial color printing, The TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer adds covert security features to high value documents quickly and at the point of issue. To increase security, TROY SecureDocs is a complementary software product which enables the 556 to create unique, variable watermarks, customized microprint text, copy-evident pantograph, and the ability to trace the origin of each document. SecureDocs streamlines document security print processes and grows with business document security needs.

TROY PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer Datasheet

Available Configurations of the TROY PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer

TROY PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer

TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer delivers a partial full-color solution, including standard black, magenta and cyan cartridges, and a TROY SecureUV Ink cartridge replacing the yellow cartridge. The Standard UV Ink is part of the black (K) cartridge, designed for safeguarding documents at risk for alteration or counterfeiting. When black text or graphics are printed, it becomes a security feature unique to the document. You can print personalized security features using this printer by combining it with TROY SecureDocs security software. SecureDocs works with preprinted documents, or completely eliminates the dependency on expensive preprinted security paper and forms thereby reducing time and labor spent on chain of custody processes.


Detectable only with a UV verification light, TROY’s SecureUV Ink was developed to secure high value documents at risk for fraud. This ink prints simultaneously with your black, cyan, and magenta ink cartridges allowing for a single pass through print. Everywhere black text or graphics are printed, the invisible security features appears.

Locking paper trays are another option for the PageWide 556. Locking trays prevent unauthorized access to valuable paper stock, as well as regulate the chain of custody processes. When paired with SecureDocs, the need for preprinted paper is eliminated.

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