PageWide 452 SecureUV

This ink based printer features HP PageWide technology and utilizes TROY's ultraviolet (UV) technology which adds covert security to your documents.

PageWide 452 SecureUV

PageWide 452 SecureUV

A medium sized unit that provides print speeds up to 55 pages per minute and a maximum input capacity of 1,050 sheets, the PageWide 452 is an ink based printer that has been designed for organizations who are printing 750 to 4,500 pages per month. Featuring HP PageWide technology, this unit uses less energy than any other printer in its class, allowing it to deliver reliable performance that meets your business demands.

Utilizing TROY’s ultraviolet (UV) technology, your organization can add personalized, covert security features to Its high value documents. When paired with TROY SecureDocs, the PageWide 452 allows your organization to create unique variable watermark, customized microprint lines, copy evident pantograph, and enables the ability to trace the origin of each document.

TROY PageWide 452 SecureUV Printer Datasheet

Available Configurations of the TROY PageWide 452 SecureUV Printer

TROY PageWide 452 SecureUV Printer

TROY PageWide 452 SecureUV Printer ships with a Standard UV ink cartridge in the black (K) cartridge slot and a SecureUV ink cartridge in the yellow (Y) slot. SecureUV ink is printed as either a designated text or graphic, but is only detectable with an ultraviolet (UV) verification light, adding a protective layer of security to your documents. You can print custom security features using this printer by combining it with TROY SecureDocs. The unique combination of features provides an organization with the ability to further protect Its secure document printing process by establishing an additional layer of security to each document at the point of issue.


TROY has developed SecureUV Ink for the PageWide 452. TROY’s SecureUV ink provides an invisible layer of security to each of your documents. SecureUV ink is printed as either a designated text or graphic, but can only be detected with a UV verification light. This ink prints simultaneously with your black, cyan, and magenta ink cartridges allowing for a single pass through print.

TROY Standard UV Ink is part of the black (K) cartridge. Everywhere that the black text or graphics are printed this invisible feature appears. The ultraviolet features are only detectable with a UV verification light, adding a protecting layer of security to your documents.

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