Plain Paper Prescription Printing

Meets or exceeds CMS compliance requirements with significant security features

Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing Software


TROY Secure Print Enterprise

Let’s face it, your facility will never be 100% e-prescribe. There will always be the need for printed prescriptions. So, let us help you make the process cost effective, time efficient and most of all exceed CMS compliancy. TROY Secure Print Enterprise (TSPE) is a powerful software solution which offers a flexible method for adding fraud prevent features to prescriptions printed on plain paper.

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Plain Paper Prescription How Are Plain Paper Prescriptions Secure?

We knew you’d ask. The answer is in the software. TSPE applies industry recognized requirements at the moment it’s printed, so forgers cannot copy, erase, modify, or counterfeit the Rx in any manner. We do it by adding:

    • TROY Copy-Evident Pantograph: reveals when any unauthorized copying or scanning occurs
    • TROYMark™ Variable Data Watermark: prints unique user defined patient and prescription data across the back of each Rx for alteration protection
    • MicroPrint: indicates text copy under simple magnification
    • Intelligent TROY Warning Box: makes authentication quick and easy

TSPE IntegrationFlexible Deployment & Easy Integration

Oh, did we mention TSPE already integrates with all major EMRs? It does.

And, did we tell you it can be deployed in your existing stand alone or network printers. Yep, it does that, too!

Your IT team will love these features:

  • PCL5 -Windows server based application installs on existing computers or networks with PCL5 laser printers connected.
  • Accommodating Configurations - supports single printer applications as well as multiple network printers in different locations.
  • Pantograph Studio - offers half a million copy-evident pantograph patterns for optimal results to ensure compatibility with most printers.
  • Dynamic User Defined Print Settings - allow normal use of printers when security features are not needed.
  • Customizable Security Settings - easily select security settings in Windows format print settings window.

TSPE Saves TimeSave Money & Time with TSPE

By switching to plain paper, you and your teams can stop worrying about chain of custody protocols and securing expensive, preprinted Rx inventory. No need to worry about missing prescription pads which can be detrimental to your facility’s reputation and cost money in fees. If you’re looking for a Rx printing solution which improves workflows, saves money, and integrates with your current printing capabilities, you should definitely speak with one of our consultants!

TSPE is live in over 450 hospitals across the U.S. To see if TROY Secure Print Enterprise is right for your facility, contact us