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Save time and money on all of your check printing needs with the help of our newest software TROY Check Print.


Check Printing Solution

Check Printing Software

TROY Check Print is an easy-to-use software to create, authorize, print and report checks from accounting systems. The software utilizes security, signature control, automation, and personalization features. TROY Check Print can be integrated to an ERP accounting system as either a server based application for powerful automation or as a desktop application for manual use. TROY Check Print runs in a Windows PC environment and can print checks to laser printers equipped with a MICR toner cartridge. Any number of workstations using the same SQL server database can be supported.

eToken and password use ensures only authorized personnel can print checks. For additional control, release of signatures for check signing can be performed with the use of an eToken. Check $ value limits can be assigned to users. Check data and signatures are further protected by encryption features. On demand checks can be created with calculated and cumulative totaling capability of remittance / voucher data. Checks can be created on demand and in an automated mode as a background process to a local or remote printer with a check register than can also be printed. All check printing activity is recorded for later reporting or system tracking purposes. Check printing with TROYMark™  help to prevent fraudulent alteration of the check.

The TROY Check Print main license includes: one copy of TROY Check Print for use with one SQL database, software configuration (for up to 10 bank accounts), 1 user eToken, 1 Import script, 1 Check Style, and 1 year of phone and email technical support.

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