Check Printing Software Solution

Streamline on-demand check printing for banks, credit unions and corporate entities.


TROY AssurePay

TROY AssurePay is perfect for banks, credit unions, and corporate entities. An easy to use check printing solution, AssurePay enables issuers to create, authorize, and print checks from within organizations’ current accounting systems for on-demand check printing. What about reporting? Absolutely. Reporting features add another level of security and tracking, with multiple audit reports available.

Increase Efficiency & Fraud Prevention

With AssurePay, new check printing features increase efficiency and add layered security at the point of issue, saving issuers time and money while preventing fraud. Period.

Secure Check Printing Solution

AssurePay is a complete, secure, feature-laden solution which streamlines on-demand check printing. All payments can be tracked back through AssurePay to ensure authenticity of a presented payment. The software utilizes security, signature control, automation, and personalized features. As well, AssurePay can be integrated with an existing ERP accounting system as either a server based application for powerful automation or as a desktop application for manual use.

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Real, Live Technical Support

What makes AssurePay different than other on-demand check writing software? TROY has been in the MICR business since 1963. Not only does TROY have the experience, we also have a great technical support team based here in the US. AssurePay is a complete solution, including secure check signing features, backed by personal support.

Why AssurePay?

  • Did you know 71 percent of US companies have experienced actual or attempted check fraud? We were floored when we saw that stat. As the leader in the document security industry, it's our responsibility to safeguard your company from check fraud. Not only is AssurePay packed with security features, the software is highly configurable which means it’s flexible, scalable, and offers easy integration for your tech department.
  • Plus, AssurePay has unlimited users, with admin controls set by compliance, and the audit reports make it simple to keep track of printed payments.

Complete the Solution

As an absolute best defense, TROY also offers:

      • TROY MICR Printers modified with E-13B or CMC-7 characters and optional locking trays to protect blank check stock
      • TROY MICR Toner Secure featuring a patented formula to deter fraudulent alteration by releasing a red dye if chemical alteration is attempted
      • TROY MICR Inks & Toners, in new OEM cartridges, unparalleled in quality and signal detection
      • TROY Check Paper with a variety of security features available

TROY is committed to providing the best in class end-to-end check printing solution. To learn more, choose an edition to see which fits your needs.


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