Document Security Software

With software solutions to fit industry specific needs, TROY protects your most important printed documents from potential vulnerabilities.


Document Software

Authentic, Secure & Printed On Demand

Document security is exactly why we’re in business. It all started with check printing- printers, paper and magnetic toner – and evolved into developing software designed to streamline in-house printing while the securing the printed document. Then, we decided to take it a step further and build software and consumables to secure even the most vital records, such as birth certificates, deeds, and other security documents at high risk for counterfeiting.

All Industries, All Sizes, All Continents

We have the privilege of working across multiple industries, most notably with government agencies, financial institutions, insurance agencies healthcare entities and companies from small to enterprise. No matter your size, print volume, or geographic location we have the secure printing software solution to meet, and exceed, your requirements.

Simplify Processes & Costs

TROY security printing software solutions improve the efficiency, security, and cost of document printing. Our clients throughout the world achieve greater workflow efficiencies and security for all types of documents, including simple check printing. Whatever your secure printing needs, TROY offers a solution to assist in the responsibilities of printing secure documents while improving your workflow efficiency and security.