Digitizing Services

TROY's digitizing services include solutions for the addition of TROY security fonts and TROY digital signatures to be safely stored in your printer.

TROY Font Memory Kits: Include E-13B and CMC-7

TROY makes it easy for you to add high-quality MICR printing capabilities to your existing HP LaserJet printer. With the addition of a TROY Font DIMM or Font Memory Card the TROY Security Fonts will be added to your printer.

Advantages of TROY Font Memory Kits:

  • Ability to print checks & other financial documents in one easy step
  • No more preprinted checks to order, safeguard and destroy once obsolete
  • Both E-13B font and CMC-7 font variations are available and compatible with HP LaserJet printers

TROY MICR Fonts should be combined with TROY MICR Toner to ensure a consistently high-level of MICR printing. TROY MICR Fonts & Toners are precision-manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facility. As an added convenience company logos and signatures can be digitized and stored on a customized TROY Font DIMM or TROY Font Memory Card.

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