Check and Document Printing Solutions for Manufacturing.

Fraud within all industries increases during uncertain times, and manufacturing is no different. We offer easy to implement solutions that secure your check and document printing processes for anti-tamper protection. Fraudsters are not only targeting payments. Documents such as invoices or bill of materials are also huge risks that our solutions protect.

Anti-Tamper Check Printing.

Biggest Challenge

Check fraud is increasing every year. The threat throughout your whole process is real. Risks vary from the theft of pre-printed check stock up to forging the amount and payee information on the final check. If you have multiple accounts and numerous supply and labor vendors, your risks of check fraud are even greater.

The Solution

Print anti-tamper checks using a TROY MICR Printer with MICR Toner Secure. Each check is backed by the quality, reliability and security expected from TROY. We also offer robust check printing software and suggest printing on blank check stock instead of preprinted. Combining all of our offerings creates a Total Check Printing Solution to reduce your check fraud risk and meeting bank readability standards. To get the best solution for your business, we suggest an assessment of your current check printing workflow.


Protect Documents from Tampering.

Biggest Challenge

Documents such as invoices, bill of materials, certificates of conformity, etc. are at risk of counterfeit every day. You need a simple, effective way to reduce alteration risks and protect the printed data.

The Solution

We offer The World’s Most Fraud Resistant Toner™ to protect any document. Our Security Toner has a patented anti-tamper technology that releases a red dye if chemical alteration is attempted.


Authentication, Tracking, and Auditing.

Biggest Challenge

Manufacturers need a simple way to authenticate, track, and audit all documents. This is a challenge manufacturers have struggled with until now.

The Solution

Ask about our cloud-based document software. Enable features to authenticate, track and audit all of your business documents. Templates can easily be created and each document printed using that template can include serialization or meta tags for automatic tracking and auditing. Need online verification to ensure the data wasn't altered? We have that too.



The World's Most Fraud Resistant TonerTM

Protect your checks and documents from chemical alteration. The anti-tamper, patented toner features high adhesion to help prevent check and document washing. With unparalleled security, quality, and reliability, our toner meets all industry standards.

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