Check and Document Printing Solutions for Manufacturing.

Materials, tools, innovative designs, and technicians are the cornerstones of your shop floor. Ensuring these supplies flow continuously and the productivity of your technicians requires extensive documentation and fulfilling your contractual obligations without incurring losses. TROY Group’s document printing and payment technologies provide failproof, fraud-resistant solutions to secure your manufacturing operations.

Secure Your Check Printing Process with MICR Solutions.

Printing checks with non-MICR solutions to pay vendors or suppliers creates loopholes that are being exploited through check washing and manipulation. Our MICR solutions provide manufacturers with anti-tamper, fraud-resistant technology to beat eliminate fraud. TROY Group provides manufacturers with:

  • Anti-tamper MICR toners to eliminate check washing and manipulation.
  • MICR printers to protect the check printing process and internal and external fraud.
  • Low-volume and high-volume MICR printing options to meet your check printing requirements.
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Protect Sensitive Documents with Anti-Tamper Solutions.

Your manufacturing trade secrets are what protecting, and TROY Group provides you with the technology to protect them. Our anti-tamper, fraud-resistant toner ensures you can protect documents such as invoices, Bill of Materials (BoM), certificates of conformity, and technical documentation from counterfeiting. TROY Group MICR toner features include:

  • Anti-tamper technology that releases red dye if tampered with.
  • Encrypted information that is recognized by only official recognition equipment.
  • Fraud-resistant features that eliminate the ability to wash vital documents.
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Streamline and Centralize Your Check Printing Processes with AssurePay.

Digitalization of the check printing and delivery process adds an extra layer of security to your check printing processes. AssurePay Cloud is a turnkey check printing software that provides manufacturers with the tools to customize checks with watermarks, authorize checks, securely print checks, and issue them at need. AssurePay Cloud is a centralized system built to provide secure printing for payrolls, deposit slips, and accounts payable. Other features include:

  • Cloud-based check printing solution to reduce printing costs.
  • Centralized cloud-based platform to enable remote authorization from any location.
  • Extensive user authorization features to eliminate internal and external fraud.
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Go Digital with TROY FlexPay

Would you be interested in a solution that allows you to manage your payable accounts, track invoices, store BOMs, and fulfil payrolls within a platform? If yes, then TROY FlexPay is a state-of-the-art payment and check fulfilment software designed to automate the payment process. Leveraging TROY FlexPay ensures you can combine digital payments with check printing to meet your transactional obligations. Other features manufacturers can leverage include:

  • Works with your ERPs and accounting applications such as QuickBooks to streamline payments..
  • Digitally pay any invoice, print your checks, or outsource the check printing process.
  • Speed up your payments with agile digital and physical payment options.
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The World's Most Fraud Resistant Toner

Protect your checks and documents from chemical alteration. The anti-tamper, patented toner features high adhesion to help prevent check and document washing. With unparalleled security, quality, and reliability, our toner meets all industry standards.


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