Check Printing Solutions for Insurance Companies.

Life happens fast, and your clients rely on you for help when they need it the most. That’s why you need a check printing solution that provides relief quickly and reliably. TROY offers a wide range of printers that can help print your claims checks quickly, efficiently, and securely, increasing customer satisfaction.

Mobile Check Printing.

Biggest Challenge

Adjusters and agents need to print claims checks on-site at a disaster like a tornado or earthquake in order to quickly provide relief to customers.

The Solution

Our mobile bundle does just that - providing a lightweight MICR printer, MICR ink, and blank check stock they can take virtually anywhere. Print secure checks when your client's need them, and be the hero they need.

Our case study will show you how you can use this solution to greatly increase customer satisfaction.


Desktop Check Printing.

Biggest Challenge

Insurance companies need a complete check printing solution right out of the box to more efficiently print secure checks in the office for customers and payroll.

The Solution

Our desktop MICR printer bundles do just that - providing a MICR printer, MICR Toner Secure, and Blank Check Stock.

With added MICR security features and The World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner, you gain the ability to print anti-tamper checks in-house. Additionally, using blank check stock allows you to securely print the MICR line and other sensitive information.

Visit our total check printing solution page to dive into further detail.


Centralized Check Printing.

Biggest Challenge

Insurance companies need a centralized check printing solution to handle large volumes of checks, including claims checks, refunds, rebates, payroll, and AP. This solution must simplify processes and protect from fraud and check washing.

The Solution

Our high-volume MICR Printer does just that - enables you to print large amounts of checks efficiently and reliably in one centralized location.

The easy-to-use job management features let insurance companies simplify their claims printing operations, reducing labor costs and waste

Optional Monitoring systems and document integrity software can ensure that every check prints accurately. MICR Toner Secure, the World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR TonerTM ensures that every check printed has best in class protection from fraud and alteration.



The World's Most Fraud Resistant TonerTM

Protect your checks and documents from chemical alteration. The anti-tamper, patented toner features high adhesion to help prevent check and document washing. With unparalleled security, quality, and reliability, our toner meets all industry standards.

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We have been securing printed payments and documents since 1963, it is our mission to continue working with companies across a wide range of industries like yours to increase the security of printed payments and protect customer data from corruption and fraud.

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