Check Printing Solutions for Insurance Companies.

Managing cash flow is a crucial task every business must execute efficiently to avoid financial losses. But unlike the average business, your check payments involve meeting the immediate needs of your customers while validating the challenges they face. Our check printing solutions are custom-built to optimize your payment processes and leave you with ample time to focus on your core business – providing comprehensive coverage that protects your customers.

Provide Real-Time Check Payments with TROY Mobile Solutions

Accounts payable, insurance claims, refunds, and providing certificates are some of the crucial activities your company performs to meet the real-time needs of its customers. Our customized check printing mobile bundle – TROY Mobile 200 Printer, MICR Ink, and Blank check stock – brings mobility to managing real-time printing requirements. What your insurance firm gets is a secure process to execute check printing activities on the go including:

  • Empower agents with the tools to securely print checks on-site.
  • Print with blank check stocks and anti-tamper MICR ink to prevent fraud.
  • Enhanced payment versatility to ease customer pains in real time.
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Streamline and Centralize Check Printing to Eliminate Fraud

The efficiency of insurance companies is built on multiple specialty departments meeting the diverging needs of every customer. Although decentralized specialized teams are your company’s strength, decentralizing the check printing process creates many opportunities for check fraud. The conventional check printing process that involves different departments issuing payments using independent printing resources is a fertile ground for internal and external check fraud. TROY provides two turnkey solutions for streamlining and centralizing check printing to reduce fraud –AssurePay Cloud and MICR printers. AssurePay software enables your company to streamline the check printing process through one centralized platform equipped with extensive security features. Our desktop MICR printer bundles utilize fraud-resistant toners, locked trays, user authorization, and monitoring equipment to secure your check printing process. Leveraging these two solutions you get:

  • Unlimited check printing from one centralized location
  • Extra layers of security by digitalizing the creation, authorization, and printing process.
  • Reduced inefficiencies, labor and financial costs when printing checks.
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Automate Payments with TROY FlexPay

TROY FlexPay is a best-in-class automation solution built to enable insurance companies to manage multiple agent accounts or process hundreds of check payments to customers in need. When the need to manage large claims from multiple customers arise, TROY FlexPay provides a secure platform to automate your payment workflows. You can reduce fraud, and eliminate errors using:

  • A secure, unified payment platform
  • Four secure payment methods – digital checks, ACH payment processing, print-your-own checks, and a check fulfilment service.
  • AP automation to manage check payments.
  • Third-party integration with your accounting platforms including QuickBooks and FreshBooks.
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The World's Most Fraud Resistant Toner

Protect your checks and documents from chemical alteration. The anti-tamper, patented toner features high adhesion to help prevent check and document washing. With unparalleled security, quality, and reliability, our toner meets all industry standards.


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