Anti-Tamper Check Printing Solutions for Casinos.

Cashier cages may be susceptible to fraud, but they don't need to be. We combine secure hardware and software that are easy to implement and reduce your risk of fraud.

Our solutions aim to simplify processes for your cashiers, increase the security through your whole workflow, and get your guests back on the casino floor faster.

Print Anti-Tamper Checks in the Back Office or in the Cashier Cages.

We make check printing easy, efficient, and secure by enhancing HP printers specifically for check printing. By adding 16-25 features to each printer, we create the most secure MICR Printers available. Each printer includes MICR Toner Secure, The World's Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner™ which adds anti-tamper security to your printed checks.

Eliminating preprinted check stock saves time and money. Not only is preprinted stock expensive and wastes time with chain of custody protocols, it’s one of the most risky components of internal check fraud. The real benefits are realized if you have multiple accounts. Instead of switching stock, you can use the same stock since the account and routing numbers are printed in one pass with the payee and amount.

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Robust Check Printing Software.

A complete, secure, feature-laden solution which streamlines on-demand check printing. All payments can be tracked back to ensure authenticity of a presented payment. With security functionality, signature control, automation, and personalized features, AssurePay helps prevent internal and external check fraud.

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Protect Tax Forms and Pre-Printed Stocks.

On a daily basis, you use tax forms, check stock, and other valuable documents that fraudsters, thieves, and even employees could steal with intent to commit fraud.

We’ve developed locking trays to provide you with a simple solution that saves time while securing these forms and stocks directly in your printer.

These documents need secured after they are printed as well. This is where Security Toner, The World's Most Fraud Resistant TonerTM becomes important. Security Toner uses a red dye that protects any printed document from fraud and forgery.

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The World's Most Fraud Resistant TonerTM

Protect your checks and documents from chemical alteration. The anti-tamper, patented toner features high adhesion to help prevent check and document washing. With unparalleled security, quality, and reliability, our toner meets all industry standards.


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We have been securing printed payments and documents since 1963, it is our mission to continue working with companies across a wide range of industries like yours to increase the security of printed payments and protect customer data from corruption and fraud.


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