Become A Partner

Good business begins with great partnerships. If you’re looking to expand your product offering and increase revenue, you’ve come to the right place. Security is on every company’s budget. Now you can help secure the most forgotten piece: the printed document. We are the MICR leaders, and we’re certainly leading the way in document security, and now so can you.

Benefits of Partnership


Deal Registration Protection

Partners who register an approved opportunity may receive financial benefits as well as protection from conflict.


Online Partner Portal

Everything you need to successfully sell TROY products, from price lists to product datasheets and turnkey marketing materials.


Product Training

Virtual or on-site training so you can confidently sell TROY product, know our value proposition, and know where to go for resources and pricing.


Co-branded Marketing

Marketing collateral is editable giving you the ability to customize TROY assets. We will also work with you on one-off pieces you can request from our marketing team.


Dedicated Support

Not only do you have an entire sales team to help you with questions and to close deals, we also have a US-based global technical support team.


Quantity Discounts

Increase your profit margin with discounts off base price and earn additional rewards for bringing on new TROY customers.


TROY Partner Rewards!

Partner Rewards is a program that incentives your rep with reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards in order to drive more TROY sales! Partner Reward points are easily earned through learning about TROY and submitting your TROY sales.

A Proud HP Partner

In 1993, HP approached us with an interest in our MICR solutions. Since then, we are the only manufacturer permitted to enhance HP printers for the use in security document workflows. Working together, we can provide innovative solutions like no others on the market.