Providing Over 50 years of Security Printing Solutions.

Providing Over 50 years of Security Printing Solutions.


Providing Over 50 years of Security Printing Solutions.

TROY has a history, rich in progressive development of security printing innovations, going back to its founding in 1963 when the company introduced a unique method of manufacturing print drums for impact printers. Through the 1970’s, TROY continued developing this proprietary drum technology to create high-speed check printing systems by adding the special magnetic ink character recognition (“MICR”) characters to print drums. TROY sold these printers, with various speeds and capabilities, to banks, insurance companies and large corporations throughout the world. In 1975 the company designed the current government check and sold printers to the US Treasury, Army, Navy and Air Force for payroll, retirement and other benefit checks.

TROY introduced the first desktop laser check printer in 1986 and the solution quickly became popular with branch banks and insurance companies.  In 1993, HP sought TROY’s partnership to provide its customers with MICR capabilities. That same year TROY opened its current MICR toner manufacturing facility in Wheeling, WV. Through partnership with HP, the company continued to grow as a leader in on-demand printing solutions well into the next decade.

Today TROY continues to operate Ink and Toner manufacturing in it’s ISO 9001 certified facility producing products that have moved beyond check printing and into a variation of security documents including, registration documents, transcripts, bill of ladings, and much more. Offering everything you need to create a one of kind personalized document.




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