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We develop solutions that address fraud on printed checks and documents across all industries.

We have an extensive offering of Ink & Toner Solutions

Designed to keep your companies security at the forefront, and the fraudsters always on the run.
We have a wide variety of MICR solutions available to you, and we’re the only supplier of HP OEM MICR products.

MICR Education

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), consists of characters printed with special MICR fonts which must be printed with MICR toner or MICR ink for easy readability by high speed recognition equipment; i.e. bank readers/sorters. Learn more about MICR.


What’s Currently Happening at TROY?

We're here to provide you with the latest information to best protect your organization against fraud. Our blog is full of solutions we offer to make your workflow more efficient while increasing your security. You’ll also get a glimpse behind the scenes at what we are working on and what’s going on here at TROY.

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TROY 6136P MICR AccurioPress Monochrome Digital MICR Production Press

Reach new levels of efficiency and security, reduce fraud risks and increase readability all with our new high volume check printing solution backed by KM. This is a workhorse built for high-volume environments with extensive finishing capabilities to get the job done right.

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As you rethink how you do business; do you still need MICR in 2022?

The answer, of course, is yes! Without a MICR printer, checks could not meet banking standards and run the risk of being rejected by the bank. Not to mention, without the added security features, your organization is more vulnerable to fraud threats.

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Are your printers leaving your business vulnerable?

It may come as a surprise, but less than 2% of printers in use are secure from hackers. This creates a perfect entry point for data breaches, putting your organization right in harms way. Learn how to mitigate security risks and vulnerabilities with our latest whitepaper.

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