TROY 3015 Series

TROY MICR 3015 Printer

TROY’s 30 years of service and support experience provides continuous quality performance to all TROY security solutions.

P3015 Printer Installation Files

STEP 1: Install the Printer Driver & Support Files

TROY MICR Printer Installer

  1. Fully automates the current installation of the Printer Driver, PCM Support Files and True Type Fonts.
  2. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, and Server 2012.
  3. Click Install
  4. If you require a manual or legacy installation, Please email TROY Technical Support

    MICR Printer Installer User's Guide Download TROY MICR Printer Installer

STEP 2: TROY Font Kit Installation Instructions

Install the Font Kit (for Non-TROY Printers Only)


Security Printing Solutions User's Guide (50-70540-001A)
  • Provides information for implementing and using TROY"s MICR technology to print financial documents on TROY MICR 3015 series printers.

TROY MICR Basics Handbook (50-70300-001)

PCL Programmer’s Reference Guide
  • TROY has developed a set of programming extensions to the HP PCL 5 Programming Language for TROY MICR Printers. This guide provides a technical definition of these extensions and details on how to apply them within the context of an application.

HP 3015 USB Walkup Printing
  • Provides information on printing directly from a supported USB storage device using supported file formats (PDF, PRN, PS) without the printer needing to be connected to a PC.

Addititonal Downloads:

TROY Printer Utility