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TROY SecureFlow Software Solutions, a complete line of software products, improve the efficiency, security, and cost of document printing. Financial Institutions, Corporations and Government agencies throughout the world achieve greater workflow efficiencies for all types of check disbursements by using TROY SecureFlow Solutions. Healthcare institutions are able to enjoy improved patient care, regulatory compliance and cost reduction on medical prescriptions.  TROY SecureFlow Solutions make sensitive government issued documents more secure. Whatever your secure printing need, TROY offers a solution to assist in the responsibilities of printing secure documents improving your workflow efficiency and security.

TROY Secure CheckFlow | TROY SecureFlow Output Manager

TROY Secure CheckFlow Enterprise

TROY Secure CheckFlow

TROY Secure CheckFlow, provides a solution for financial institutions and corporations who seek to cut operating costs, reduce operation risk, and improve customer service. Providing full automation of check disbursement and other forms-driven processes across all departments, TROY Secure CheckFlow provides the most cost effective, efficient, and secure check disbursement capability to financial professionals.

TROY SecureFlow Output Manager

TROY SecureFlow Output Manager

TROY SecureFlow Output Manager, the most advanced software solution available for secure printing, expands the capabilities of your existing enterprise platform while supporting the requirements of secure payments and related secure printing workflows. With little effort, SecureFlow Output Manager allows for the printing of sophisticated documents which include the most advanced fraud prevention features. 


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