Portable MICR 100

A compact MICR Printer providing remote check printing capabilities to organizations throughout the world.

Portable MICR 100

Portable MICR 100

This unit has been discontinued and replaced by the TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer. To learn more about the 200 Mobile MICR please click on the link below, or view the datasheet.

TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer Page

TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer Datasheet

TROY 100 Portable MICR Printer Datasheet

Available Configurations of the Portable 100 Unit

TROY Portable MICR 100 Printers

The Portable MICR 100 provides the ability for companies to print E-13B or CMC-7 characters as a means of producing negotiable documents, in most instances checks. Providing companies with the ability to produce the entire check file at once, logo, customer data, MICR line and signature. When printing the entire check at once, companies eliminate the risk of checks stock being stolen and easily reproduced to draw funds from a specified account. The portability of this unit is its most unique quality, providing satellite, mobile, and remote office locations with the ability to print checks on the go. In addition, this unit has the built-in ability to print color, providing versatility to each portable printing device.


Cartridges for the Portable 100 are shipped in new OEM cartridges, providing reliable and consistent MICR quality. TROY currently offers MICR Ink Cartridges for this unit.


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