M604 LaserJet

Providing organizations with the capacity to print over 3,000 secure documents in 60 minutes.

M604 LaserJet

M604 LaserJet

A strong desktop unit providing print speeds up to 52 ppm and a maximum input capacity of 3,600 sheets, this printer is ideal for organizations who are printing 5,000 to 13,000 pages per month. The M604n is available as either a 110 or 220 volt unit.

Currently available as a MICR, DXi or Security Printer, this is the entry level unit for the M604, M605, M606 family of products. This unit's print speeds provide organizations with the capacity to print over 3,000 secure documents in an hour. With optional input and output accessories, this unit offers organizations the ability to print multiple types of documents through this one device. Available toner for the M604 includes MICR Toner Secure, MICR UV, Security and Standard UV.

*The M604 Printer series only accepts Standard Yield (STY) cartridges.

TROY M604 MICR Printer Datasheet
TROY M604 Security Printer Datasheet

Available Configurations of the M604 Units

TROY M604 MICR Printers

The M604 MICR Printer has been modified to print specialty fonts including E-13B and CMC-7 characters as a means of producing negotiable documents, in most instances checks. This provides organizations with the ability to produce the entire check file at once including logo, customer data, MICR line and signature. TROY enhances each M604 MICR Printer with built-in features such as MICR Toner Sensing, Disable Jam Recovery, TROY ExPT™ - Exact Positioning Technology, a user customizable MicroPrint Font, and our TROY MICR Toner Secure. Each of these features help to add a level of security when printing checks which TROY has been helping companies do successfully since 1963.

Accessories & Warranty

The M604 Printer offers both a 500-sheet and 1,500-sheet high-capacity input tray which are both available as locking tray units from TROY. In addition, a 500-sheet 5-bin mailbox can be purchased to help manage the documents as they leave the printer. As with most TROY printers, TROY offers one year, three year, and five year warranty and maintenance options for your printer.


Cartridges for the M604 are developed by TROY in our ISO 9001 certified facility. As a monochrome unit, current cartridges for the M604 include MICR Toner Secure, MICR UV, Security and Standard UV.

TROY M604 DXi Printers

The TROY Secure DXi Printers are designed to manage risk when printing high value documents on network printers or on printers in an open office environment. These Non-MICR machines ship with TROY’s patented Security Toner and include key features such as TROYMark™ , Copy Evident Pantograph and Variable MicroPrint. The TROY DXi Printers are an ideal way to add security to contracts, transcripts, and other documents at the point of issue.

TROY M604 Security Printers

Security Printers have been designed to help safeguard paper stock, providing only authorized personnel with access. When printers are located in open office areas where multiple individuals have access to them, it is important to safeguard your paper stock. If you do not then a patient, customer, or coworker can easily walk away with your high valued birth certificate stock or preprinted prescription stock and recreate the document on another printer. Without proper controls you may never know that you have been a victim of paper theft. Many colleges and universities will use security printers in addition to their pull-printing technology to protect their organizations from massive paper theft in open computer labs or work spaces.

*The M604 Printer series only accepts Standard Yield (STY) cartridges.


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