Image Runner 8585

Providing print speeds up to 105 ppm, the Image Runner 8585 provides an array of optional output accessories.

Image Runner 8585

Image Runner 8585

The Canon Image Runner is a large, ultra-powerful printing unit, providing print speeds up to 85 ppm and a maximum input capacity of 7,700 sheets. This printer is designed for organizations who are printing 50,000 to 200,000 pages per month. The solution provides an array of optional output accessories.

The Canon Image Runner 8585 is a monochrome unit, which has currently been enhanced by TROY to help provide organizations with a mid-range check printer. Providing companies with the ability to generate booklets or generate high volumes of documents.

Canon ImageRunner 8585 MICR Printer Datasheet

Available Configurations of the Canon Image Runner 8585

TROY Image Runner 8585 Printers

The 8585 MICR Printer has the ability to print specialty fonts including E-13B and CMC-7 characters. This provides organizations with the ability to produce the entire check file at once including logo, customer data, MICR line and signature. The Image Runner has a simple modification by TROY, so that the unit will only accept TROY MICR Cartridges that have been developed specifically for the Image Runner 8585. When used with TROY SecureDocs or TROY Check Print, the unit provides everything an organization needs to print personalized checks on demand.


Cartridges for the Image Runner 8585 are developed in TROY's ISO 9000 facility to help add a layer of security to each document. As a monochrome unit current cartridges for the 8585 include MICR Toner Secure.

Accessories and Service

The Canon Image Runner 8585 offers a full array of output accessories. Service for this printer is based on print volumes.



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