Check Printing Software for Financial Institutions

Enables banks and credit unions to print teller documents on demand

AssurePay Teller


TROY AssurePay Teller Edition

Teller Additon Datasheet
           Teller Edition Datasheet

AssurePay Teller Edition was created specifically for banks and credit unions printing ten checks a month or hundreds of checks a day. This bank teller software is designed to streamline the check printing process and increase customer satisfaction. Within the interface, institutions can also create databases of customer information for personal checks and vendor information for official checks, meaning no need to update multiple databases. AssurePay communicates with in-house databases for efficiency and accuracy.

Reduce Wait Times

TROY’s exclusive features enable bankers to print payments and other teller documents securely in-house while the customer waits. AssurePay Teller Edition is easy to use and enables the front line to print bank documents for customers when they need them.

Fight Fraud

AssurePay Teller protects clients against fraudulent use of starter checks. As well, multiple pools of check numbers are associated with bank account numbers, thereby securing uniqueness of check numbers.

How it Works

Teller Addition-How it works 

Secure Teller Documents in Minutes

      • Starter Checks
      • Deposit Slips
      • Cashier's/Manager's Checks
      • Certified Checks
      • Foreign Draft Payments
      • Loan Coupons
      • Account Opening Forms
      • Loan Applications Forms
      • And More

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