Digital Signature Services

Making it easy for organizations to add a signature
to each preprinted document.

Signature & Logo Digitization

The Digital Imaging Specialist at TROY convert your signatures and/or logos into secure, digital images formatted for use within most software applications and LaserJet Printers. Your digital images and custom form designs or macros can be:

  • safeguarded within a TROY printer using password protection
  • contained on a TROY Digital Imaging Kit
  • stored securely within the TROY Checkwriting Software package

TROY Digital Imaging Order Form

Storing digital images in the printer can provide additional security and controls, as well as minimize the data sent to the printer with every print job.

Digital signatures, logos and forms complete the check printing solution by allowing customers to securely print authorized digital images using PCL escape sequences or windows true type fonts. TROY digital Imaging Kits provide customers a cost effective, convenient, high quality process of printing signatures, logos, company graphics on checks, letterhead, or any other printed document generated on a TROY or HP LaserJet Printer.