TROY M506 Installation Instructions

TROY MICR M506 Printers

TROY’s 30 years of service and support experience provides continuous quality performance to all TROY security solutions.

Install the Printer Driver & Support Files

  • *Note if you purchased the TROY M506 MICR Font Card Kit (Part # 02-00303-001), please follow the Installation Instructions before proceeding with the MICR Printer Installer.*

TROY MICR Printer Installer

  1. Fully automates the current installation of the Printer Driver, PCM Support Files and True Type Fonts.
  2. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2008, and Server 2012.
  3. If you require a manual or legacy installation, please download the manual font install HERE and contact TROY Technical Support for further assistance if required.

    MICR Printer Installer User's Guide    

    Download TROY MICR Printer Installer