TROY Group Inc.


Security Software TROY Software Solutions

A complete line of software products that improve the efficiency, security and cost of your secure document printing. TROY SecureDocs, TROY SecureFlow Output Manager (TSOM), or TROY Check Print provide your organization with an easy to implement cost effective solution.



Secure Ink and Toner TROY Ink & Toner

TROY’s research and development team is constantly striving to develop new ink and toner technologies that add that extra layer of security onto each and every document you print. We develop technologies that can be paired together to offer customers a one of a kind security document.

  • TROY MICR Toner Secure

    OEM Quality MICR toner with a patented hidden red security agent that reacts when alteration is attempted.

  • TROY Security Toner

    Appears as standard black print until attempted chemical alteration reveals a hidden red dye.

  • TROY SecureUV Ink & Toner

    Apply hidden security features to your documents at the point of print allowing for level 2 document authentication.

  • TROY Color UV Ink & Toner

    Print documents in full Color, a UV verification light reveals the fluorescing print for secure document authentication.



Secure MICR Printers TROY Printers

With so many options selecting the right printer can be difficult for any company. When you add in the need to print customized security documents, TROY can help deliver the printer that will yield the greatest benefit to your company. Today TROY offers specialty printers for printing any security document with one of our product lines specifically dedicated to printing checks.

  • M806

    Provides a full array of input and output accessories allowing organizations to create a printer that will fit all security document printing needs.

  • M402

    Offers small organizations with a cost effective and practical method of printing checks or security high value paper stock.

  • M506

    Provides organizations of all sizes the reliability and security they have come to expect from TROY and HP.

  • M606

    A powerful desktop unit offers print speeds up 65 ppm can manage print volumes of 5,000 to 20,000 pages per month.




Security Paper Supplies TROY Paper Supplies

In offering a complete solution, TROY provides various levels of security paper, from standard white paper which allows each customer to print their security features to paper that can be customized with each of your desired security features. Whether you are looking for strong chain-of-custody control or seeking a low cost paper stock, TROY can help to provide solutions and recommendations.